Sit Down & Make Decisions

Motivation. I keep hearing from artists with a daily practice, "just sit down and start, make decisions along the way". It's helped me experiment more and not be afraid to try something new. 


How Logos Became the Most Important Quarter-Inch in Business

"People are literally, physically interacting with those symbols in a way that they never did.”
-Michael Bierut

“Good appearance was a salable commodity.” 
-Raymond Loewy

“It’s not the mark, It’s the marketing.”
-Debbie Millman

"Applying interaction-design thinking to identity design results in logos that can be 'highly logical, very stripped down'."
-David Turner

"And in what may be the most surprising development in modern identity design, we’re increasingly learning how to do it ourselves—using the tenets of branding that have been established in professional circles, to create symbols for movements." 
-Debbie Millman


Illustration by 123 Klan for Fortune

Illustration by 123 Klan for Fortune


Art Night with Mike Giant

Like every Wednesday, it was a special art night hosted by Mike Giant. Except last night, Mike pulled out his old books and showed us the very first sketches and graphics he designed for Think Skateboards in the early 90's, and collages made later with his graffiti writing. I only took a couple of photos as I sunk into Mike's memories. But, I do remember someone asking him, "Do you still write graffiti and he said, "not really any more, I killed the game". 


Beer & Yoga | Before & After

I was commissioned by YogaZo to update a graphic they love, and add Colorado to the family of designs. These will be applied to t-shirts and stickers, and work to extend the brands visual language. The graphic speaks to the style of the pop-up yoga classes that mostly happen during happy hour, in local breweries.





36 Days of Type

I was inspired by my friend, and designer Anthony Dimitre to participate in 36 days of type. It's a challenge to design everyday. It's been going on for over a month, and there are some incredible entries.

Since spring is here, I'm combining traditional, tattoo style, flowers with the numerals. They form touch points on each number. This is how I was first taught to count and do math. Here are the first four.