Son of Scorpio - Shoot and Sensibility

Giving it all I've got, making a reality of this brand. This weekend was very productive as I shot, and styled the first photoshoot with Matt Merino for Son of Scorpio. Grateful to have talented, and supportive people around. Thanks again, Matt & Derek! 

I am working to launch an online shop, and need to show off the products in a lookbook sort of way. To me, this brand is just as much about the connection in visuals, as the people wearing it on the street.

Here are a couple of shots and outtakes. Shop soon at Follow on instagram at @sonofscorpio_co

Son of Scorpio - First Look

I've been working overtime making a new brand called, Son of Scorpio. Here's a look at some of the first designs. There will be an online shop at soon.

I can't wait to continue designing and leading this brand. I see it as a creative vehicle, an outlet for my fashion and design passions. I'm designing sensible supplies, for people with style. It's from my heart. Follow on instagram @sonofscorpio_co