Son of Scorpio - Shoot and Sensibility

Giving it all I've got, making a reality of this brand. This weekend was very productive as I shot, and styled the first photoshoot with Matt Merino for Son of Scorpio. Grateful to have talented, and supportive people around. Thanks again, Matt & Derek! 

I am working to launch an online shop, and need to show off the products in a lookbook sort of way. To me, this brand is just as much about the connection in visuals, as the people wearing it on the street.

Here are a couple of shots and outtakes. Shop soon at Follow on instagram at @sonofscorpio_co

Son of Scorpio - First Look

I've been working overtime making a new brand called, Son of Scorpio. Here's a look at some of the first designs. There will be an online shop at soon.

I can't wait to continue designing and leading this brand. I see it as a creative vehicle, an outlet for my fashion and design passions. I'm designing sensible supplies, for people with style. It's from my heart. Follow on instagram @sonofscorpio_co


Collab with BASIK1

Had a blast working with @basik1. We began by each drawing half of a composition, passing it off, and finishing each other's drawings. I've never had the opportunity to make art with another graphic designer in this way before. It was daunting at first, but turned fun fast. It was a great way to learn from each other, and design some pages for Mike Giant's #artnight zine. 


Mike Giant's #artnight zine #11


Our combined drawings in layout for the zine pages.


BASIK1's process with tracing paper over my drawings. 


My process with tracing paper over his drawings. Making ink drawings to scan, and combine for full compositions.


Art Night with Mike Giant

Like every Wednesday, it was a special art night hosted by Mike Giant. Except last night, Mike pulled out his old books and showed us the very first sketches and graphics he designed for Think Skateboards in the early 90's, and collages made later with his graffiti writing. I only took a couple of photos as I sunk into Mike's memories. But, I do remember someone asking him, "Do you still write graffiti and he said, "not really any more, I killed the game".