Glyph Molecular Whiskey

Great fun working with Glyph Whiskey at Endless West in San Francisco this week. They’ve scientifically generated whiskey without barrels. An interesting concept for sure, I’ve yet to taste. You can read more in a recent Fortune article.

© Endless West

© Endless West

Glyph is creating cocktails this weekend at Beyond the Streets in Brooklyn, NY. A celebration and exhibition of artists working with the streets as their canvas.

The Cocktail Bar Vinyl Wrap Design.

The Cocktail Bar Vinyl Wrap Design.

Endless West hired Studio Jeffrey to design new bar graphics and menus for their event. Working within the recent branding guidelines, I was able to present new designs that extended their brand while keeping the look and feel consistent. All focused on promoting Endless West’s newest molecular whiskey, Glyph. We went through some rounds as sponsors were added and menus changed flavor. Here’s a look at the process and results.

Cocktail Bar Design Options.

Cocktail Bar Design Options.

The menu design in partnership with  Sweet Science .

The menu design in partnership with Sweet Science.

Menu Cover Options.

Menu Cover Options.


Collab with BASIK1

Had a blast working with @basik1. We began by each drawing half of a composition, passing it off, and finishing each other's drawings. I've never had the opportunity to make art with another graphic designer in this way before. It was daunting at first, but turned fun fast. It was a great way to learn from each other, and design some pages for Mike Giant's #artnight zine. 


Mike Giant's #artnight zine #11


Our combined drawings in layout for the zine pages.


BASIK1's process with tracing paper over my drawings. 


My process with tracing paper over his drawings. Making ink drawings to scan, and combine for full compositions.


Process to Design Black & White Graphics

I begin by making an outline of the image with a light box and a sharpie marker. I move slow to make sure the lines are clean and consistent. Also it's important to connect the intersecting lines at this stage so when I transfer it to vector I'm able to pull my corners easier.

Next, I block in parts of the image in solid black to compose a balanced image.


Then, I add the remaining detail before it is made into vector shapes.


This is the final, vector image ready for print.