Zola - Brand Experience Design

It was a true pleasure to be hired as part of the design team, at Rebel & Rogue, to put together a “love note” experience for the industry leading wedding registry company, Zola. It all took place this past month in San Fransisco, CA.

Adhering to Zola’s brand guidelines, we were tasked with designing a place for lovers to write notes to anyone they wanted. Complete with a professional calligrapher and mail boxes to ship your love.


I loved the challenge of designing for interaction, way finding, apparel and extending the known brand elements. I especially enjoyed designing oversized stamps for a wall photo-op. We kept the solutions simple and got word that everyone was very happy with the results, both Zola and the lovers. And thanks to Rebel & Rogue for the amazing quality photos of the two day event.


Mint Marketing - Identity Designs

I was recently hired to design an identity for a new marketing firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico called Mint Marketing.

Immediately, we spoke about the naming and its use in the market place. We also spoke about the competition or other people using Mint in their name. This led to research that showed most designs included a mint leaf with their mint name. So, this became my starting point, to design without using a mint leaf.


The challenge became to visually communicate the strength and trustworthy nature of this agile new company in a clean and simple way. As part of Mint's marketing strategy they want a strong letter "M" in the identity and an icon that can be used on it's own. Plus, the tag line "connect, create, cultivate" to explain the mission of the company.


I used symbols of connection, light, bar charts, and line graphs to inspire the first round of designs. I always present these initial designs in black and white, as they need to work this way in branding at the most minimal visual points.


You're looking at the first round of identities that I presented this week. It includes four options, designed to be modular. Each option is a system that the client can add and subtract elements as needed. 


Beer & Yoga | Before & After

I was commissioned by YogaZo to update a graphic they love, and add Colorado to the family of designs. These will be applied to t-shirts and stickers, and work to extend the brands visual language. The graphic speaks to the style of the pop-up yoga classes that mostly happen during happy hour, in local breweries.





Art Night Zine, Issue 2 with Mike Giant

Every Wednesday night in Boulder, CO. the always inspiring, Mike Giant hosts art night, and some incredible people show up. Some of these open studios are dedicated to making zines, with everyone contributing art to fill the pages. 

Here are some spreads that my art appeared on last week. The zine took on a life of its own, and ended up being 40 pages. Too much fun!

Photos by Mike Giant

Design for Obama Re-Launched

Creative Action Network has re-lanched the Design for Obama campaign to say #thanksobama. My published, Barack 'n' Roll poster is now available, for the second and final time.

And here's the Taschen book it was published in, Design for Obama - Posters for Change: A Grassroots Anthology.  

Design for Obama by Steven Heller (author), Aaron Perry-Zucker (editor), Spike Lee (editor)

Design for Obama by Steven Heller (author), Aaron Perry-Zucker (editor), Spike Lee (editor)

Son of Scorpio

I've been working to define an illustration style based on a process. I have settled, for now, after a lot of experimenting. I've tried just pencil and paper, paint, ink and collage to define a style. I found a combination of paper and ink plus the computer is a fun place to work because it's limitless. I can start out with a blank page and draw the image. Then, take it to the computer and manipulate it further as vector shapes. I like the vintage look of something having aged and been printed a long time ago when inks bled to make curved edges, nothing is exact. I am inspired and learned a lot from the work of Simon Walker, LAND and Mike Giant. Son of Scorpio is the name of my new set of drawings.


Orlando is Love

The other morning I woke to find a direct message on my Instagram account from a designer I really respect in New York City. It was Rafael from Alfalfa Studio. He asked me to contribute a design to his activism effort #orlandoislove. I chose to illustrate a portrait of Darryl "DJ" Roman Burt II, who lost his life June 12, 2016. It's sickening to think about the night that unfolded in Orlando. Spread love, not fear and hate. Here's my small contribution.