Worship Guide redesign

I’m thankful to be serving Trinity Church Denver by redesigning the worship guide. This included examining how Sunday worship service is held and how the congregation uses the guide. There is an obvious need for the lyrics of each song to be legible, plus the parts of liturgy that is read aloud as a group.

Trinity Worship Guide - Cover

Trinity Worship Guide - Cover

Trinity Worship Guide - Inside

Trinity Worship Guide - Inside

This redesign takes advantage of an overlapping grid system to utilize the space best when it comes to songs and their varying line lengths. The master grid is four column, overlapped with a three column grid and the same gutter width. This will make updating the guide easier when information needs to fit. Some weeks there is more to follow along with and some weeks less.

Exterior overlapping three and four column grids.

Exterior overlapping three and four column grids.

Interior overlapping three and four column grids.

Interior overlapping three and four column grids.

Twelve point baseline grid.

Twelve point baseline grid.

Glyph Molecular Whiskey

Great fun working with Glyph Whiskey at Endless West in San Francisco this week. They’ve scientifically generated whiskey without barrels. An interesting concept for sure, I’ve yet to taste. You can read more in a recent Fortune article.

© Endless West

© Endless West

Glyph is creating cocktails this weekend at Beyond the Streets in Brooklyn, NY. A celebration and exhibition of artists working with the streets as their canvas.

The Cocktail Bar Vinyl Wrap Design.

The Cocktail Bar Vinyl Wrap Design.

Endless West hired Studio Jeffrey to design new bar graphics and menus for their event. Working within the recent branding guidelines, I was able to present new designs that extended their brand while keeping the look and feel consistent. All focused on promoting Endless West’s newest molecular whiskey, Glyph. We went through some rounds as sponsors were added and menus changed flavor. Here’s a look at the process and results.

Cocktail Bar Design Options.

Cocktail Bar Design Options.

The menu design in partnership with  Sweet Science .

The menu design in partnership with Sweet Science.

Menu Cover Options.

Menu Cover Options.


Zola - Brand Experience Design

It’s a true pleasure to be hired as part of the design team, at Rebel & Rogue, to put together a “love note” experience for the industry leading wedding registry company, Zola. It all took place this past month in San Fransisco, CA.

Adhering to Zola’s brand guidelines, we were tasked with designing a place for lovers to write notes to anyone they wanted. Complete with a professional calligrapher and mail boxes to ship your love.


I loved the challenge of designing for interaction, way finding, apparel and extending the known brand elements. I especially enjoyed designing oversized stamps for a wall photo-op. We kept the solutions simple and got word that everyone was very happy with the results, both Zola and the lovers. And thanks to Rebel & Rogue for the amazing quality photos of the two day event.

Source: https://www.zola.com/

Sailor Jeffrey

I am excited to take the opportunity, to make new art for Sam Parker’s art night zine. I’m trying my hand with some Sailor Jerry tattoo flash. I have loved his style ever since I first saw it and always wanted traditional tattoos because of it. This illustration I wanted to show a two faced woman, and wrap the snake around her neck, based on this Sailor Jerry flash.

© SailorJerry

© SailorJerry


Mint Marketing - Identity Designs

I was recently hired to design an identity for a new marketing firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico called Mint Marketing.

Immediately, we spoke about the naming and its use in the market place. We also spoke about the competition or other people using Mint in their name. This led to research that showed most designs included a mint leaf with their mint name. So, this became my starting point, to design without using a mint leaf.


The challenge became to visually communicate the strength and trustworthy nature of this agile new company in a clean and simple way. As part of Mint's marketing strategy they want a strong letter "M" in the identity and an icon that can be used on it's own. Plus, the tag line "connect, create, cultivate" to explain the mission of the company.


I used symbols of connection, light, bar charts, and line graphs to inspire the first round of designs. I always present these initial designs in black and white, as they need to work this way in branding at the most minimal visual points.


You're looking at the first round of identities that I presented this week. It includes four options, designed to be modular. Each option is a system that the client can add and subtract elements as needed. 


Son of Scorpio - Shoot and Sensibility

Giving it all I've got, making a reality of this brand. This weekend was very productive as I shot, and styled the first photoshoot with Matt Merino for Son of Scorpio. Grateful to have talented, and supportive people around. Thanks again, Matt & Derek! 

I am working to launch an online shop, and need to show off the products in a lookbook sort of way. To me, this brand is just as much about the connection in visuals, as the people wearing it on the street.

Here are a couple of shots and outtakes. Shop soon at sonofscorpio.com. Follow on instagram at @sonofscorpio_co

Son of Scorpio - First Look

I've been working overtime making a new brand called, Son of Scorpio. Here's a look at some of the first designs. There will be an online shop at sonofscorpio.com soon.

I can't wait to continue designing and leading this brand. I see it as a creative vehicle, an outlet for my fashion and design passions. I'm designing sensible supplies, for people with style. It's from my heart. Follow on instagram @sonofscorpio_co


Collab with BASIK1

Had a blast working with @basik1. We began by each drawing half of a composition, passing it off, and finishing each other's drawings. I've never had the opportunity to make art with another graphic designer in this way before. It was daunting at first, but turned fun fast. It was a great way to learn from each other, and design some pages for Mike Giant's #artnight zine. 


Mike Giant's #artnight zine #11


Our combined drawings in layout for the zine pages.


BASIK1's process with tracing paper over my drawings. 


My process with tracing paper over his drawings. Making ink drawings to scan, and combine for full compositions.